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Explore Aurora Empower U

Disclaimer: Aurora Partners for Thriving Youth is pleased to provide this information. Please note, this information is not comprehensive, nor is it intended to take the place of professional services.  If you or someone you know is in danger of hurting themselves or others please contact Colorado Crisis Services at 1-844-493-8255  or emergency services in your area.  We reserve the right to remove, to modify, or to add any information at any time, for any reason, and without notice.

Get In Where You Fit In!


Welcome to Aurora Empower U!

Take a look at our resources that are available for the community. Aurora Empower U was created to meet the needs that individuals, including teens, parents, guardians, and community leaders have expressed. 

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Summer Learning Session Speakers


Sharletta Evans, Executive Director, CCSN

Family Restoration, Healing and Communication Workshop


Families will have the opportunity to learn skills, restore broken relationships, and restore communication with their children by knowing the signs of depression, trauma, and grief. 


Parents sometimes ask the question, how do I talk to my kids? What has happened to my kid, we used to talk? Is it okay to talk to my kid about what is happening with their peers? How do I talk about loss of friends or loved one due to violence?


Yazmine Moore, MSW, SWP

Mental Health and How It Shows Up in the Home

It is important to nurture our mental health and learn ways to improve it. Within the family unit, we learn about ourselves and how to relate to others. Learn how to recognize the areas that may need attention so that your family can thrive. 

Registration NOT Required

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