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Lone Mountain

Substance Misuse Prevention

Aurora Partners for Thriving Youth cultivates relationships and trust among all participants. We are dedicated to orchestrating our collective efforts. A collaborative approach with youth and community agencies from a variety of disciplines will be employed for this partnership to effectively address the current needs of the Aurora community by leveraging prevention and intervention resources.

We couldn't do it without them!

Our Partners

If you would like to partner with us, please contact

Aurora Mental Health & Recovery

provides a platform for health and community leaders to collaborate and find solutions to issues of health access. These issues include inadequate primary care capacity, limited access to specialty care, and inequitable distribution of health resources. Assisting Aurora's youth with substance misuse prevention and recovery, APTY seeks their expertise.

Aurora Youth Options

In addition to developing close relationships with family and friends, middle and high school-aged youth can reap the educational and social benefits they need to succeed in life when they have access to effective community resources, academic support, and adult mentors. In partnership with Aurora Youth Options, we empower youth to develop life skills and thrive.

Compound for Compassion

In addition to providing a self-sustaining environment, the Compound of Compassion also provides a safe environment for youth, young adults, veterans, and elders to heal. Through their partnership with APTY, Aurora's youth can overcome and heal from substance misuse.


Aurora Public Schools (APS)

is one of two school districts in Aurora. APS is unique because it has schools operating in Arapahoe and Adams Counties and is the fifth largest district in the state. The current enrollment for the school district is approximately 39,000 students and is rich in culture and diversity. There are 130 different countries represented in the district with 160 languages spoken among our families. Aurora Public Schools embraces core values that are grounded in ensuring that every student has a plan, the skills, and the credentials needed to shape their successful futures. #OneAurora


be well

is one of the major health initiatives offered by the Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities. As part of its mission, the organization aims to influence programs, policies, and practices that facilitate health equity and improve access to healthy living for all. The reason the APTY has a partnership with them is to educate and empower our youth.


Rise Above Colorado

The vision of Rise Above Colorado is to empower teens to lead a life free of drug abuse. By utilizing this organization's experience, APTY can uncover factors to motivate Aurora's youth to fill their world with good and avoid using substances.


City of Aurora

invests in its youth is a priority for Aurora. In order to ensure the success of all youth, the City of Aurora offers various programs. Partnerships to foster leadership skills are imperative for a successful youth population.

Aurora Youth Violence Prevention Program

The mission of the Aurora Youth Violence Prevention Program is to enhance public safety to reduce the impact of youth violence in Aurora communities.  We do this through a comprehensive and proactive public health approach inclusive of youth, the community, partner agencies and city leaders by addressing key risk factors.

The Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC)

strives to keep youth at home and out of juvenile justice and human services systems by connecting families with supportive services to promote safe, healthy, and happy kids. Young people receive early intervention screening and assessment to identify factors contributing to concerning behavior and factors mitigating risks with improved access to appropriate services in Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln counties in Colorado.

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