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Juvenile Justice 101- Answers Every Parent Should Know


April 7, 2022

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

  • How do I keep my son/daughter safe from the Juvenile Justice System?

  • What laws do I need to know about that can affect my son/daughter?

  • Why do youth act so silly and antisocial these days?

  • What laws do I as a parent need to know regarding social media?

  • How does the adolescent brain work?

  • Are there any mentoring, prevention, or intervention programs for my teenagers before they get into trouble?

  • What are some things I can do at home as a parent to help keep my son/daughter safe?

  • What are Risk and Protectant Factors?

  • What is Restorative Justice and how can this approach impact my teenager’s life?


Sonya Beauman

Beauman's 2nd Chance 4 Change is a Culturally Responsive organization that works with at-risk, underserved minority students who are young first-time offenders, and victims of crimes, who do not receive equitable resources; mainly in mental health. Beauman's 2nd Chance 4 Change mentors and supports students through Telehealth and provides professional Consultant Restorative Justice training to educators, staff, and families. Restorative Justice provides techniques that focus on setting aside implicit biases to respond to cultural differences.

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